Ekol Hungary is an integral part of Ekol’s European intermodal network.

Ro-Ro vessels transfer Ekol trailers and containers from the port of Haydarpaşa, to the ports of Trieste, and Lavrio, and from Alsancak to Trieste, and Sète. Items are forwarded, utilizing block train services, from Trieste to Cologne, Ludwigshafen, or Kiel in Germany, or to Ostrava in the Czech Republic via Sète.

Intermodal - Ekol Hungary

Ekol Hungary expands our intermodal network by adding Duisburg to Budapest line. Through this connection, Ekol Hungary will provide advantages to its customers who transport goods to the U.K., France, Germany and Benelux countries. Ekol Hungary’s intermodal investments will also facilitate freight movements across Europe and CIS countries.