Finished Vehicle Logistics

Finished Vehicle Logistics

Ekol offers finished vehicle logistics services from order to delivery. Our strong reporting, traceability, and transparency principles underscore the three key elements of logistics activities: speed, quality, and price.

Ekol’s solutions for domestic and international transport and warehousing draw on its operational excellence: flexibility, strong IT infrastructure, wide international distribution network, and industry-focused mindset.

Knowing that flexibility in finished vehicle logistics is crucial, Ekol manages fluctuations in the market and tries to keep its customers from being affected negatively.

Ekol holds the first R&D center in the industry. It offers innovative services and IT integration to provide fast, just in time, and undamaged delivery both nationally and internationally.It capitalizes on the highest level of technology, a critical industry requirement.

Finished Vehicle Logistics

As a pioneer in its industry, Ekol brings a fresh perspective to finished vehicle logistics by utilizing conventional and container transportation. Vehicles are not affected by environmental factors when transported in sheltered containers. Thus, they can be delivered to any region in the world in addition to the established routes.

Ekol’s robust and strog national and international networks keep customers one step ahead of the competition in the transportation of imported vehicles.

By rendering seamless services and providing efficient business practices, Ekol delivers operational excellence to its customers.