Ekol puts its massive multi-user-operation facilities at the service of the pharmaceutical and medical industries in Turkey, Hungary, and Ukraine with an understanding of the importance of compliance with the GMP/GDP practices and Ministry of Health regulations of each country it operates in.

These facilities render services to many diverse product groups, including prescription drugs, OTC drugs, cosmetics, health ministry-approved food nutrition products, diabetes medicines, controlled drugs, clinical products, cold-chain drugs, and animal health drugs.

Healthcare Logistics - Warehousing

Warehouse Management Services

Ekol’s offering for the industry includes the joint use of its workforce, IT, security, tailor-made systems, and temperature-controlled systems, as well as flexibility and cost advantages in operational volume alterations.

Ekol’s warehousing management services include temperature- and humidity-controlled storage for health industry customers, dedicated and varied temperature-range storage for special products, order management and shipment, sales xml file notification to the country’s ministry of health, sample product management, cold-chain storage and order preparation, return management, clinical trial products storage and logistics management, health industry-specific warehouse management and order preparation systems, automated storage and order preparation areas, online KPI, and order status tracking.

Bonded Warehouse Services

Ekol built a health industry-specific bonded warehouse with temperature and humidity control for the pharmaceutical and medical industries in Turkey. The bonded warehouse offers two different temperature ranges: a normal area ranging between 15°C and 25°C, and a cold area ranging between 2°C and 8°C. It is also suitable for the storage of pharmaceutical raw materials, and has a designated area for products that are subject to controls.

Secondary Packaging

Ekol meets customer requirements for all forms of packaging procedures in its secondary packaging areas in its facilities. With one of Turkey’s largest Ministry of Health-approved secondary packaging areas on its grounds, these facilities provide the following services:

  • Data matrix printing and labeling
  • Aggregation for data matrix second phase
  • Ink-jet printing on boxes
  • Box changing
  • Adding prospectus
  • Decal labelling
  • Converting into sample
  • Export product preparation

Promotional Items Logistics

The storage and distribution of promotional items is one of the most essential needs of pharmaceutical companies. Ekol renders this service to the industry’s largest companies, making the process simple and easy-to-manage for them, thanks to the systems it has specially put together for the logistics management of promotional items.

A Web-based system communicates order status and warehouse inventory tracking, making promotional item logistics management highly uncomplicated. In the process, after the product reaches the warehouse from the supplier, a photograph is taken and manager approval is obtained. Next, an order is created for the distributing sales team or company.

Distributed promotional items can be tracked until they reach their destination with the delivery information displayed online in Ekol’s own distribution network.